Thompson High School Bands
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions parents frequently ask about the Thompson High School Band Program:

  • Q: What are the differences between concert band, symphonic band, wind ensemble, visual ensemble, and the Marching Southern Sounds?
    • Concert band, symphonic band, and wind ensemble are all of the same type of class but with varying levels of difficulty. Concert band is the easiest, then it moves up to symphonic band, leaving wind ensemble playing the most difficult literature.
    • The visual ensemble is made up of our outstanding non-music performers, including the majorettes, dance team, and colorguard.  They compete in events year-round and regularly win awards at marching competitions.
    • The Marching Southern Sounds is the combined band (composed of the previously listed groups) that proudly represents Thompson High School during football season.  They practice together during band camp and in after-school practices and perform together at halftime and at marching competitions.
  • Q: What does my student need to know about band camp?
    • Spend time outdoors getting used to the heat before band camp starts.
    • Training for camp can be helpful.  Run, take long walks outdoors, and practice your instrument.
    • Arrive on time and plan to be at school for the entire practice.
    • Yes, you must bring your instrument to all practices.
    • Much of band camp takes place outside.  It is often hot, humid, raining, etc.  Dress in cool, comfortable and modest clothing.  Hats and sunglasses are encouraged.
    • Eat all meals every day, and make sure they are healthy.  The number one reason students feel sick during band camp is lack of appropriate nourishment prior to practice.
    • Drink plenty of water during the morning before practice.  Drink plenty of water during practice.  Drink plenty of water in the evening after practice.  The number two reason students feel sick during band camp is poor hydration.
    • Speaking of water, bring at least a gallon of cold water to every practice.
    • Students who arrive at practice inappropriately dressed or without sufficient water will not be allowed to march that day (until they change clothes and get a gallon of water).
    • NEVER SHARE WATER BOTTLES.  Really.  Just don’t do it.
    • Band camp is run in large part by student leadership.  Your section leader will instruct you on how to march, hold your instrument, and generally how to function within the band program.
    • Band camp happens, rain or shine.  If there is a change to the schedule, Mr. Bubbett will let you know, probably via text message (be sure to sign up for this service).
  • Q: How do I know what’s happening with the band today/this week/this month?
    • Check the calendar.  It is updated regularly.
    • During the marching season, an itinerary is sent home on paper, distributed via email (make sure your Charms account has correct contact information), and posted to this website.  Keep in mind that these itineraries can change after publication.
    • Reminders and last-minute changes are told to the students in class and sent out via text message.
    • The best way to reach the Band Directors is through email.