Thompson High School Bands



  • Dinkles are the black shoes REQUIRED when in uniform at all football games, concerts, contests, etc.
  • These shoes are your responsibility and cannot be stored in the uniform closet
  • DO NOT LET YOUR DINKLES “LIE AROUND” THE BAND ROOM (keep them in your locker/backpack) Someone else may pick them up and use them.
  • PARENTS: It is a good idea to use a silver sharpie to label your child’s Dinkles with their names
    • That way if they are left in the band room, we will know whose they are!
    • You may need to re-label them several times during marching season.


  • Black socks are REQUIRED when in uniform at all football games, concerts, contests, etc. It is suggested that you purchase several pair (Wal-Mart usually has them)
  • The socks must be knee-high, athletic-type socks due to marching (ankle-high and calf-high socks tend to show skin when you perform)
  • PARENTS: It is suggested that you purchase several pair as socks seem to get lost between home, school, and the washer/dryer!
  • Also, we would LOVE donations of black socks
    • For those students who forget them, we try to keep a few pair on hand in the uniform closet
    • If we do not have any to loan, that student cannot perform


  • Black shirts with the Pride logo on the back are REQUIRED when in uniform
  • Each marching band student is given one FREE their first year in band
  • If the shirt is lost or no longer fits, a replacement can be ordered for $15
    • Sign-up sheets are included in this year’s packet
    • Deadline for signup/payment (if required) is July 16th.

Summer Band Camp and After School Field Rehearsals

  • Have your child wear comfortable shoes and socks, closed toe, no flip flops
  • A light colored t-shirt and shorts are appropriate
    • Modern athletic fabrics and shorts work well
  • Students may want an extra shirt in case of a sudden rain shower.

Football Games and competitions

Uniform parts consist of:

  • Light-weight compression-type shorts to be worn under uniforms, NOT PANTS
    • We require compression style shorts and not cargo or walking shorts (Those style pants are too bulky under the sleek fitting uniforms
    • Shorts must be worn under the uniform pants at all times
      • If your child becomes overheated or other emergency and needs to be stripped  down quickly they will want to have those shorts on
      • Additionally, most of the time your child will be having to change into their uniform in full view of the other band students so they cannot wear just their underwear under the uniform.
  • Black marching band shoes
    • These are special marching band shoes (Dinkles) that clean up well with shoe polish
    • Ask your child periodically if their shoes still fit & if they still know where they are
    • Dinkles are a mandatory part of the uniform all through the school year, not just football season
    • If your child is prone to losing things, you may want to purchase an extra pair of Dinkles
    • Please write your child’s name inside both shoes in case they are misplaced.
  • Black Shirt (black dry-fit shirt with small band logo on the back) – These are a MANDATORY part of the uniform.  They must be worn under their uniform for every football game, competition, and contest.  Freshmen and first-time marching band students are provided one free of charge.  Upper classmen should have one from a previous year.  If your child has lost theirs, they are $15.00 for a replacement shirt.  You may also wish to purchase a “spare” shirt for those days when we have a football game and then a competition the following morning (saves you having to wash and dry the shirt late at night.)
  • Band field show t-shirt (show shirt) will be distributed during band camp
    • Specially designed for each year’s show and will be used for Parent Night, pep rally’s and various other events
    • Each marching band student will receive one free of charge
  • Black athletic tube socks
    • We suggest buying two pair (You can get them from Wal-Mart)
    • We also suggest buying them early because they tend to disappear from the shelves

We also GLADLY take donations of black socks.  These tend to come up missing for several students at every game, competition and contest.



  • Black Pride Shirt – Freshman and new marching band students will be given their free shirt with their uniform on the Friday night of the first game.
  • Black compression-style shorts
  • Long black athletic socks
  • Dinkles (black marching shoes)

PLEASE BE IN YOUR “BLACKS” WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR UNIFORM.  You may wear a different pair of shorts over the black compression-style pair until it is time to put on the uniform.


  • Grades will be called in order of seniority
  • Please do not come to the uniform room early
  • If your class has already been called and you missed it, get in line with the next class
    • Do not jump to the front
  • Everyone is responsible for getting their own uniform.


  • Uniforms will be transported to the stadium
  • Wear your “blacks” to rehearsal
  • Uniforms will be distributed at the stadium after dinner.


  • Wait your turn
  • We all get to leave at the same time, so there’s no point in jumping line
  • Turn in only your uniform (keep your “blacks”)
  • When hanging your uniform make sure that the bottom of the pant legs are even with the end of the straps
  • Make sure your jacket and the gauntlet bag are both zipped.


  • Brass and woodwind musicians are all issued one pair of white gloves
  • These are to be kept with the uniform
  • Replacement gloves will be billed to the student’s account at $2 per pair
  • You may want to take home your gloves between games/performances to wash them


  • The sooner you tell the uniform staff, the faster problems will be fixed
  • Please try not to do this at check-in or Friday afternoon
  • You can reach the unif0rm chairperson by e-mail (below) or Facebook
  • There are also forms in the uniform room that you can fill out
  • The Friday before the game is not the time to tell us that there is a problem.


  • In order to keep the uniforms looking their best the band will not be allowed to eat in the stands
  • Band students will eat before putting on the uniforms at home games
  • The band will provide approved snacks after the halftime performance at both home and away games.


  • Everything has a place
  • Gauntlets/gloves go in in the bag
    • Don’t take the bag off of your hanger
  • Put your hat in its spot on the cart.

If you have any uniform questions, please feel free to contact the Uniform Committee Chairperson …